Cement & Concrete Basics FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between cement and concrete?

  • How is portland cement made?

  • Are there different types of portland cement?

  • What are blended cements?

  • What is portland-limestone cement?

  • Is there a universal international specification for portland cement?

  • How do you control the strength of concrete?

  • What is alkali-silica reactivity (ASR)?

  • How do you protect a concrete surface from aggressive materials like acids?

  • What are the decorative finishes that can be applied to concrete surfaces?

  • How do you remove stains from concrete?

  • What is 3,000 pound concrete?

  • What does 28-day strength mean?

  • Will concrete harden under water?

  • Why do concrete surfaces flake and spall?

  • How can you tell if you're getting the amount of concrete you're paying for?

  • Why does concrete crack?

  • What are recommended mix proportions for good concrete?